You Are The Love That You Are

You are the LOVE That You Are.
Do you realize what this means?
That Love which you seek, is you.
Your Divine Nature, is indeed this love.

Seek within the cauldron of your very own heart, for this endless, perfect love, for this is your true identity. You are already Whole and Complete. All the illusion which is draped over your perfect awareness of your Divine Essence shall eventually dissolve back into the NoThingNess from which it came.

Rest in the knowing that you ARE this Love. Rest in the knowing that a part of your consciousness, has never left the full realization of this Truth. What this means is, no matter what is transpiring or has transpired or will transpire, in your human condition, the true reality behind and beyond all that, is that you are already pure, perfect and innocent.

Rest in the knowing that this LOVE which you seek is everpresently available, and that all you need do is become aware of its presence in order to reap the bountiful blessings of its eternal nature.

Feel into these words, and allow any remaining guilt, shame, self-hatred, disgust, fear, or sense of a lack of self worth begin to fade and fall away, gently, gracefully, easily, permanently, immediately, and in peace. All illusion and discord which we have co-created from our ignorance of the Laws of Life, shall eventually dissolve back into the void. All that will be left is our 100% recognition of our True Nature, Pure Divine Love.


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