You Are The Creator of Your Destiny

You Are The Creator of Your Destiny

As a Creator, your “manifesting switch” is turned on 24-7-365. The challenge is, if you don’t have a clear vision of “what” you wish to bring into your life, the random background info of your subconscious and the collective unconscious coupled with ancestral habits and scattered unfocused thought forms will be what imprints the creational matrix of your life.

Solution? Get Crystal Clarity then drive the imprint home to your beloved subconscious mind where it shall take root and blossom into a new life experience for you. Sometimes, clearing is necessary to get to this Crystal Clarity or allow it to take root.

Many times, clearing work is done but the patterns resurface. Desiring potent assistance with this process?

I’m 100% grateful to be announcing I’m offering for the first time, after 30+ years of behind the scenes healing work, powerfully focused help for a limited number of clients, to get you relief in the form of this clarity and this clearing.

Clients are reporting, the patterns do NOT come back! Change occurs quickly and gracefully!! The vision of what is truly desired and on purpose emerges with ease! What a blessing!

Message me here for details. Sessions can be in person in the Greater Denver Area and internationally, on phone or skype.

I stand in witness of your greatness and your Victory!!

~ Chireya

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