Who Is Forgiveness For, and Why?

‎:) ♥ Forgiveness is for us even more than the other, though of course it also assists the other greatly by taking any psychic or energetic negative pressure off of them that might have been emanating from us. ‘What goes around comes around’ is the law of one and is operating 24-7-365 ~ as we come into harmony with this law’s existence we will see that anything which has come into our sphere is only there ‘by invitation,’ whether this is through ‘vibrations’ we unknowingly carry from our ancestral lineage, past lives, or from our cultural conditioning, or whether from conscious actions in this lifetime.

Even most ‘conscious actions’ in this lifetime come from these other three components – causing us to think certain thoughts and emanate certain feelings, ie, vibrations, without our full conscious awareness. On top of that we don’t realize our divine powers of manifestation through our thoughts so we think we are victims. Great compassion is paramount and warranted as humanity unwinds itself from aeons of unconscious creations… We don’t know that we don’t know… And the world therefore can look quite unfair.

However, the saving grace is that the law underneath all always balances everything – justice “just is”… And therefore as we trust, and know that each ‘karma’ returning to us ‘is now finished..’ Keeping positive thoughts of forgiveness and unconditional love as the clearest objective of our daily living, eventually, the ‘balance of our vibrational offerings’ will tip towards these new, positive thoughts and emanations which will bring to us the eventual manifestation of heaven on earth as we all desire and know is a reality that we can achieve.

The Star Elders speak about this in depth in my forthcoming book ~ will keep you posted! In the meantime, they are offering free daily audio messages in this blog and also on the Free Audio Gifts page.

~ Love, Compassion, Grace and Mercy Prevail.


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