Who Are You?

Who Are You?

The light that we are exceeds all expectation from a worldy perspective. As we awaken more and more to the rarefied and refined energies of our natural nature, thoughts that used to seem normal will fade away. Your Light and Your Love have come to this beautiful planet, through your desire to be a part of a Grand Change that illuminates beings and blesses the world!

Recalibrating to the Truth of you means allowing the natural shifts occurring to take place freely. Perhaps you have had moments of “enlightenment” lately that are different from how it was in the past? Perhaps it has become harder to “think in the old ways” and you’re wondering if that’s part of the plan or if something odd is happening to you?

We say to you that this is on time in the Divine Calendar of your Being!

If on the other hand you have been experiencing a more intense “pain” in worldly life, know that all is well, as these are the last remnants of the old consciousness beginning to fade. When you lift up your consciousness in love, even though the outer appearance seems unfortunate, the matter can begin to quickly resolve itself. It is when we hold on and “work it” by letting thoughts of negativity spin in us, that things seem to get worse. When we loosen up the grip on the spinning thoughts and simply breath, suggesting to ourselves to rise up higher, and allow Love to take the reigns, we can notice an immediate shift. This is a Miracle Moment. Whether this feels hard in any given moment, have faith. Your true nature of Power and Presence is far greater than you can imagine from your current vantage point. And all is being revealed! As time proceeds, know that all is well, and your path of Discovery and Remembrance of your True Divine Nature is well underway.

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