What Is Oneness?

What Is Oneness?

As we raise our consciousness, we necessarily confront the final seeming barriers to remembrance of oneness. Oneness does not mean a lack of individuation. It simply means there is room for us all, as we weave and play in the waters of truth. room for us all to thrive, room for us all to love…plenty of room for appreciation to shine on us, and out to the “others” from us. there is no lack in love. only eternal ever present givingness. the nightmare of separation melts back into the nothingness from which it came, as we reunify ourselves, now through a new lens, a focus of serendipitously seeing love in all eyes.  Light the fire of remembrance within.

When encountering the remnants of duality consciousness and division-thinking, also known as the competitive mind, we learn to extend the same universal love to it. As we acknowledge and then embrace, and choose differently, the old patterning eventually fades away.

Awareness is an inside job, replete with subtleties, but not intricacies. All the seeming intricacies of the mind become simplified in its’ rays.

We may forgive ourselves now and forever more, for the oversight of our insight to oneness. We may see it as a lower octave misperception, winding its way out of our biocomputers now.

We have endless assistance as we calibrate back to the truth of us.


The spinning top comes to a stop, and stillness regains its rightful place.

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