What Is A Transmission?

What Is A Transmission?

A Transmission as we speak about it here is a message streaming from Higher Consciousness, what we call Source Consciousness or God Consciousness. The transmission is like an interface with “Reality” for moments when people in a culture are not quite bridged into their own full Source Connection and Awareness on a daily basis, and have “called out” energetically to be able to “rise higher” in our awareness. During times like these, certain beings volunteer to “be the interface,” and bring in messages that are coded with light and love enhanced energetics, coupled with words of your language, to assist in the Shift back to a regular remembrance of your Oneness with All That Is.

Chireya is one such messenger, delighted to access these higher realms as she has trained to do for many years (and lifetimes). Other similar messengers are Esther Hicks, Robert Young, Matt Kahn, and the people who brought in A Course In Miracles.

As we each follow our joy, align with our true nature, and let go of the past, we become more and more able to source our own divine transmissions, and share them out with the world. We shall witness more and more the openings to the light and love of our true divine nature, and shall celebrate the awakenings in each being as we progress through this sequence of time.

The books Chireya has written in the Codes of Union Series are Transmissions from Source Consciousness, Divine Mother, and Divine Father. Chireya has been guided to carefully steward these books into existence at this time, for the purpose of recalibrating beings to the truth of our divine nature. The remembrance process has begun!

The special flavor of these transmissions has to do with comprehension of the mechanics of life and spirit. Comprehension is 50% of the battle, so to speak, though there ultimately is no battle 🙂 When we comprehend why things have been the way they have been, and get the bigger picture of our true divine identity, when we understand compounded momentum and the nature of the law as discussed in the books, we can “let go” of the trauma, and begin the full healing and remembrance process in full.

Suggested Action: If you would like to experience a personalized Source Transmission with Chireya to help you on your path, please click here.

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