We Are One

9dWe are One. All that you see in this plane is pure illusion. It is an illusory schoolroom of your own making, for the purpose of growth and exploration. This fact does not make the experience any less “real” for you, and the emotions experiences have their own reality in consciousness. This game and play has a divine purpose, and as it is unfolding in your very own sphere of life, you can start to notice patterns that emerge and arise into your awareness. It is these patterns we wish to have you place your attention on, for they hold the key to unlocking your potential.

The patterns tell you what is going on in your very own subconscious mind. Your emergent reality depends on what programs you are running, and the programs are made up of a variety of patterns commingled with a unified expression that results in your experience. Your dormant senses on the spiritual planes of life will help you to discern the patterns you are holding which are of your original blueprint, and those which are not. It is a sorting out process in which you find yourself at this time, to determine clearly those patterns which you wish to keep, and which you wish to discard.

As you rest in the cauldron of your very own heart connected to the One Source of Life, the All That Is above, below and all around about and within everything, as everything, your discrimination powers will become strengthened day by day. It is that you ARE this One, and therefore, as you rest your awareness and attention upon It, your reflective ability becomes crystal clear like a  mirror of purest light. It takes some time for this sorting out process to occur in your 3d reality, where the density of past thoughts and vibrations have taken a hold upon your consciousness and your subconscious, causing you to feel and experience that you are not At Cause in your existence. So rest upon the knowing that as you reflect, and sit in this awareness with this Sacred Mirror of Light, you will be joyfully reunited with your True Identity for the purpose of exploration of the self and co-creation with the Most High.

We are yours.

The Sirian Council of Light

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