Divine Love Wisdom Transmissions with Chireya are weekly podcasts which are LIVE Sundays via Zoom, also available as replays.

These Vibrational Alignment experiences include deep insights into the nature of "reality," law of attraction, manifesting, spiritual growth, healing, and reality creation. Many times, *energy clearings* and *guided meditations* take place during the transmission. These energies are available in the live shows and also translate energetically to listeners of the replays.

Chireya will help you get into the nooks and crannies of your consciousness so you can transform your life, transcend old patterns, and track what’s really going on in your life.

The author of many books, Chireya has a mission to help people everywhere uncover their divinity and remember the Codes of Union, so that we can show up and shine "on purpose" in our earthly life.

Divine Love Wisdom Transmissions also helps listeners dissolve samskaric and karmic patterns which have long been holding humanity back as a whole and individually.

Chireya works with a healing and reality creation process called The Recalibrations Process. As a Quantum Brand Coach and Vibrational Alignment Coach, Chireya’s energetic transmissions, guidance and vibrational alignment work transforms lives in potent ways through her rare and unique style.

As a multi-dimensional energy healer, seer, clairvoyant, and spiritual guide, Chireya is motivated to be a loving instrument of total awakening, enlightenment, and healing at this important time on earth.

The teachings in her books and in the Recalibrations Process given to her by Source Consciousness are translated in these transmissions in ways that unlock stored Key Codes of consciousness and bypass egoic structures that would otherwise leave people feeling like stuck victims in a crazy world.

Move into your power as a Divine Being, a co-creator, and a powerful emanation of Source, and remember who you really are.

Awaken to the Truth of You...

...and step into your Highest Destiny Path in total alignment with your very own Godself / High Self / Source.

After live shows, participants may elect to participate in post-show private discussions.

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