The Vastness of Your Power

From the Star Elders of the Council of Human Enlightenment

Your power to create is vast beyond your current understanding. Leverage the power of your own mind and heart to intend further comprehension of this inner power. As you allow the idea in, that you are the almighty extension of the Divine Creator in form, your life will transform itself before your eyes. It is through comprehension of these truths that we will actually shift. It is through action upon them that we will regain the reigns of our own life and living ~ individually and collectively. 🙂

Imagine the reality behind these words: “I AM the Almighty Extension of the Divine Creator in Form.” What does this mean? Do you resist the idea? Does it feel possible or out of reach? Totally logical or completely insane? Noticing your own reaction to the notion that you and the Prime Creator are one is a good starting point to defragging consciousness from limiting thoughts of your smallness.

As the prodigal son or daughter enters the house of God, the Prime Creator, he or she does not remember that she is in fact, the Child of the Most High. Nevertheless, she is still by birthright this Child, endowed with all the attributes of the parent Creator ~ Thought, Feeling, Word, Speech, Imagination ~

These attributes are operating 24-7-365 whether we are aware of it or not; and in our lack of awareness, the ordinary thought forms of worldly life run amok within these attributes, becoming causative to ‘all kinds of stuff’ that is not in our natural desire body to partake of. We thus draw to us magnetically ‘random’ non-aligned experiences, which we would not choose if we knew we were “choosing” with every thought, every breath, and every act of imagination and feeling.

The trick is, to open our minds to further Awareness of what it is that we are actually thinking, what it is we are actually vibrating. Does this make sense? In other words, it’s hard to stop or redirect a habit of thought, if we don’t know we have one!

Thus, the act of meditation upon the mind, in a self-reflective state, is key-crucial to unlocking our awareness around what it is we are actually thinking, feeling, imagining and vibrating, so that we can begin to get back upon our own Horse, take the reigns of it, and direct it where we would like to go.

This meditative state during the day will also reflect into the rest of the day, with an increased awareness ~ through the very power of the Mighty Law Itself, Aback of All Things ~ That prime, primordial Law that says, “like attracts like,” “your thoughts attract your experience,” “YOU are the Cause of your Life” …

It is difficult to fully realize and accept this, if we are still playing the victim, and believing in the world’s own created reality which so convincingly flashes before our mind’s eye throughout our days, even into our dreams. If we harken to the reality of the extreme long-term in which this play of consciousness has taken place, and come to the awareness that the human mind has been creating in certain directions for a very long time — and then passing that directional thought energy on to subsequent generations — compounding the thoughts until they become crystallized in form as seeming “real realities” which “just are the way things are…” If we harken to this realization of the eons in which these patterns of thought and belief have been accumulating, we can begin to defrag our own consciousness, by choosing to select those light-filled thoughts that truly reflect our desires, and by ‘catching ourselves in the act’ of thinking along lines of these old ancestral lineage patterns, which no longer serve us…

For those of us who think of ourselves as ‘advanced,’ it may be more challenging to admit and realize, that there is still work to do. However, we do suggest indeed, at whatever level you may find yourself, that you roll up the sleeves of your own awareness, and have fun at the game of catching yourself in the act of thinking things that are non-aligned with your current desires.

In this way and only in this way, will you be able to grab the reigns of mastery which are your birthright. It is a fun game, and one well worth playing. There are many ways to play it. Be creative! Find ways to catch yourself in the act of feeling and vibrating. Notice what must be the result of that particular thought or feeling. If you don’t like it, choose again… It is really that simple! Choose to think another thought, a different thought. For you are not at the mercy of your thoughts… unless you allow yourself to be! Now that you have heard this, now that it is in your awareness, you may know you are the Creator because you are the Chooser. And as you strengthen this “chooser” muscle, you will also strengthen your ability to recreate your life, in your own image.

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