The Teachings: Awareness Training for Spiritual Awakening & Comprehension

The Teachings: Awareness Training for Spiritual Awakening & Comprehension

This is Life.
The Teachings are here.
The Time is now.

LOOK NO FURTHER TO find the Gateway to the heart of
pure love, for it is within you. The Keys in this book will unlock the
Codes of Union within that have been lying dormant for eons,
as you have cascaded as Soul through many earthly experiences.
Now is the time to unlock the codes and enter the gateway.

~ From Fall In Love with the Beloved Within: Source Speaks

In a nutshell, the teachings could be summed up as Be In Harmony. 🙂 Another way to say it would be, Live In Joy. Now, how exactly do we do that in the modern world with all its wackiness?

Hi! My name is Chireya Fox, and I’m a “translator” for Divine Love Wisdom. The books I am writing are messages from our highest consciousness, the Source Consciousness. These spiritual books contain teachings of the highest order, for an awakening world. My fancy job description is, Orator and Scribe for the Lineages of Light, which means, I allow Source and Pure Divine Light and Love to “speak through me” on our behalf. This allows me to provide what are called Transmissions. Source Consciousness is what we might call the true reality behind our seemingly limited beingness. Many people have many names for this Source: God, Love, Buddha, Allah, Jesus, are but a few. It is my belief that whatever “name” you call this “ineffable suchness,” It is one and the same. And we are One with It. This is the Mystery, the Great Mystery, we are unraveling in our comprehension, and these teachings are dedicated to helping us in this unfoldment.

What has been coming through for the last couple of decades is an entire Body of Work – a Curriculum that has been birthed here. This Curriculum is designed for this time on the planet. We can call this time on the planet revelation, ascension, waking up, spiritual graduation, spiritual maturity, and so on. Daily we witness signs of the times — chaos in the world, confusions in our lives, emotional and environmental turmoil, the upheaval of old systems, and the “in our face” audacity of greed and arrogance on the world scene.

What we used to do to cope with these things isn’t working. Many people don’t know WHAT to do, or HOW to get through all of this heaviness, even if they do have a sense of their fuller life purpose. And other people have not yet discovered their life purpose and mission. They need help getting clear, and accessing the courage to put it into motion.

Of course, there are also a lot of really positive changes in the world, right alongside the unpleasant and undesirable things. Relationships are up for re-sorting, because we don’t want to do relationships the old way. Growing up, we witnessed or are currently witnessing our parents and forebears creating great strife and suffering in their relationships. Some part of us screams, “There has to be a better way!”

Many people are either stuck in a relationship that doesn’t work because they are afraid of change, or they are existing in broken relationships, with less than satisfaction on all levels. Some of us are scared of moving into a new relationship, because we don’t want to keep repeating the patterns of the old way. Yet, we desire the true authentic connection EVEN MORE THAN EVER BEFORE.

These inner conflicts can be confusing, especially when we have not been given the rule book of how life actually works.

People’s superpowers are activating as well. Perhaps they are becoming clairvoyant, or having premonitions. Maybe their energy clearing potentials are kicking in. Maybe they are having visions of a better world, and they may not fully understand what’s happening to them in the wake up process. This might be frightening, and there may be worried parents and friends if they’re acting differently. But what’s happening is, they’re getting access to more of their spiritual powers and awareness, more of their interdimensional holographic nature. This is their true nature, and natural born powers. It’s just that the world didn’t teach us to relate to these things.

People are also wanting to recover from any addictions yet this may be challenging, because the substance itself might be helping people bridge the gap between the old world and the new energy they desire to bring in. We need to learn how to come out of judging ourselves for the addiction, how to really understand it, and how to work WITH the self on all levels, including the high self and the little inner child to rectify the thinking and heal the emotions behind the WHY of the addictive behavior. We get to learn unconditional love not only for others, but also for ourselves.

This is the birthing ground of compassion: “Holy shite i get it!” It’s humbling, and that humbling cracks us open to love so we can finally love ourselves, we can FINALLY fall in love, with the love within us.

So people need a guide for all of this, and for these times. The true guidance is within us. But how do we tap it? These spiritual books, these teachings, serve as a guide to help us comprehend more about who we are, what our true essence is capable of, and how to sort through all the mumbo jumbo to get a direct source connection going. The power is TRULY within us, just as the teachers of old and today have been saying. But how does it get accessed? How do we sustain the awareness of the connection?

Because of the delusional nature of some of the things we’ve been taught about religion and spirituality that just don’t make sense, there is a lot of confusion that needs to be cleared up on these topics. The teachings in these books and the Curriculum you will find on this site are solutions to these challenges. I stand as a witness to your magnificence! I stand as a cheerleader for your awakening.

We can do this thing, you know?

As a transmitter of Source Awareness, I have been graced with an ability to tap in and get the bottom of the confusion, and help clear it up. When we work together, the Source of me, the Source of you, and the Big Source of all of us, work together to bring in the messages, energies, joy, insight, and clarity to get the job done, burst the trouble bubble, and align your particlees for the highest outcome.  “We” also love to teach you how to connect yourself and how to clear yourself, as a primary motivation. Our job is to get everyone up to speed with the highest level of consciousness available on the planet, then move on to the next level so we can bring that in. We (me and the Source Consciousness Inner World Team) are here to create Masters of Life. “I” the little me, has also prepared for a very long time to present these teachings, and I’m very grateful to be able to do so.

Poised on the Edge of the Possible…

Suggested Action: If you would like to experience a personalized Source Transmission, called a Lightness of Being Session with Chireya to help you on your path, please click here.

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