Tame the Tiger of Your Own Thoughts

“There is no more worthy endeavor that a man can undertake than taming the tiger of his own thoughts.”

yawning tigerThere is no greater endeavor that a man or woman can undertake than to tame their own wild thoughts. Bringing the thinking and picturing function under the rule of the Conscious Mind for the purpose creating bounty and benefit to self and all around us is the single most worthy act of self-discipline that we have the capacity to work towards. It is through mastering this function and this function only, that a man or woman gets back upon the horse of their own creative life and takes the reigns of that horse, to direct the primal power of God Within to manifest that which they choose to bring forth into the world. It is through diligence, practice, awareness, kindness to self and other, and ultimately, patience that we can each aspire higher into the realms of self-thought mastery. As it is Truth that the thought of man or woman is the doorway portalway key to bringing forth experience in this plan, it is also Wisdom to practice this as the first and most primary function of life itself. For if everything begins and ends through the thought imprints of a person onto the Divine Substance of Life Itself in the ethers, then it is this that we ought to set ourselves to mastering, and also, teach our children. For what more righteous and endearing endeavor can there be to Life Itself than to stand upright as a full co-creator, knowing who it is we are and what it is we are creating? We therefore say to you, “with all thy getting, get thee wisdom!” and the most important wisdom is to become Masters of Ourselves.

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