Stepping Into Your Alignment

Stepping Into Your Alignment

Each of us has a unique purpose in this lifetime which reflects to our original essence as a Spiritual Being. As “soul” we’ve had many incarnations, through which we built layers of experience, dharma, karma, trauma, skill, preference and so forth.

As we calibrate to our most aligned expression in this particular lifetime, there are levels and layers to shed, so we become clear channels of the vibrations which will ultimately be most satisfying to our spiritual nature.

Questions to ponder: Are you living your true divine purpose? Does it feel possible to do this while making a living? How committed are you to full alignment on all levels? Does it feel risky to step into your full alignment? What would you have to give up? How willing are you to experience change right now, in order to live your life totally on purpose?

Love! Chireya Fox

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