Prayer of Healing the Wounded Heart

When relationships are challenging and heart wounds ensue, all parties are Creating this together. The Star Elders are helping us understand that — this does not mean we are guilty, quite to the contrary, it simply means, we are offering vibrations that have a magnetic pull to such situations, of which we are until now, totally or partly unaware. There is great compassion here, as each one untangles the knot of their own unconscious creation. Until this occurs, they will continue to put the blame on another… as … each one involved has been offering a vibration of which they are unaware that basically perpetuates the scenario of hurt. These vibrations are being offered because of and through the ancestral lineage, through past lives, and through the conditioning in this lifetime.

This is where the knots must be untangled and true understanding can come in once and for all, so we can each step into our Mastery and truly see our role in our own creations.

Even though we are 100% and completely, always, INNOCENT, we are also RESPONSIBLE by nature of the fact that it is only WE who can go in and sort through the vibrations being offered, to get to the understanding, and change the pattern within ourselves first ~ so WE no longer attract these things through a buried emotional charge, mental thoughtforms and clusters of beleifs that act like a magnet, continuing to draw back to us the same undesired energy again and again.

The experience of this pattern can be VERY frustrating ~ when we do not know ‘how’ we operate as Creators / Magnetic Attractors.

To begin the process of healing and unwinding, we recommend the following prayer. If you can say it ALOUD and OFTEN, so much the better!

Mother Father God, First Mother, First Father ~ Primordial Source of Pure Love ~ Please assist us, be with us, and have pure mercy upon us, your beloved children, as we clear these patterns of the torn and wounded heart once and for all… Beloved Divine Parents, show us the way back to Wholeness within our own Hearts, that we might reconnect and rekindle the realization and full embodied awareness of our Oneness with You and with All, that we may Once Again savor the nectar of feeling our own True Divine Innocence completely, forgiving ourselves, forgiving all beings, and releasing the past into the field of Love at the center of the You’n’I-verse, which is always singin’ our song 🙂 ♥

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