Guided Meditation #3

Overcome Blocks To Self Love & Self Care

Self love and self care go hand in hand. When we have blockages to either, the other will suffer. Self care is a set of habits and actions that support and promote self love. Self love is an attitude that engenders self care actions.

If parents or loved ones near to us did not know how to care for themselves, or were abusive to us in any way, this can lead to blockages to self love and self care.

In the third audio gift from my book launch, you will experience a guided meditation that:

1) helps us comprehend the nature of self care and self love
2) brings you face to face with the you that is already completely full of self love and self care
3) gives you ideas on how you can expand your self care and experience more self love
4) helps you delete the blockages to self love and self care, and
5) helps you reprogram your mind towards self care and self love

I hope you enjoy it, please let me know by posting a comment on this facebook group!

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