Create Reality from One Mind

one-mindAloha and greetings beautiful beings!

In this audio recording, The Star Elders of the Council of Human Enlightenment speak about allowing ourselves to recalibrate into the experience of One Mind rather than “two” minds. This allows us to create from Oneness and Wholeness instead of from duality, and we become more able to manifest experiences based on joy and harmony through this spiritual maturation process.

What does our world look and feel like as we allow ourselves to create from within the center of our intrinsic Wholeness and Oneness instead of from the dual mind? We are ONE not TWO…

This is directly related to the process of integration of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom.

Because I know WHO you are, I know each one of you is experiencing levels and layers of this reintegration process, so this writing is to serve as a Divine Confirmation that we are on the right track!

Love Eternal is the flame of the heart which sets us free from illusion, allowing us to see All as One, and One in All. It engenders Compassion and fills us with Grace. (This could also be called the Divine Feminine, and – interestingly, the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition does not attach a gender here, they just call it “compassion”).

Discerning Wisdom is the mantle of Truth which allows us to see clearly a situation for what it is, making decisions which benefit us and cut us loose from the bonds of negative karma while simultaneously protecting other beings by disallowing further damage to occur from being in the presence of their negative acts. (This could also be called the Divine Masculine, and – interestingly, the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition does not attach a gender here, they just call it “wisdom”).

Our brain has two main parts which represent each of these, and typically which work “separately.” The separation between these two is the cause of much confusion and dis-orientation to good choices. We feel we are betraying the one if we leverage the other. However, when the work intrinsically together “as one,” we find the missing link of Wholeness that once seemed elusive. We looked outside of ourselves for that “other half” and projected our need onto other people. How is it that this “other” also experiencing a lack of wholeness, could possibly cause us to do what only we can do inside of our very own selves? An “other” can reflect to us “where we are at” if we are willing to access the teachings of The Mirror. However, they cannot complete us — We are Already Complete!!! 🙂 But if we look outside of ourselves and try to bend them to our projected mold of how we think they ought to be to make us feel whole, disillusionment and the disintegration of the relationship are the only possible outcomes.

It is the time of “reunion” of these two “halves” of the Self, which is Whole and One, not two. As we allow the wisdom-discernment-intelligence to work in total concert and cohesion with love-compassion-intuition and “marry” them back into total unity within our very own hearts and minds, we become of ONE Mind and ONE Heart such that what we create is balanced, whole and blessed.

From this place, our relations with the “other” can be a beautiful “icing on the cake” and becomes a lovely gift, an offering of divine love in its purest form.

It is this healing within our very own selves which is occurring at this time on the planet and as each one of us embraces these changes, we will be able to access greater and greater wisdom and experience more and more divine love.

So if you are seeking your Twin Flame or Soul Mate or to find Wholeness, know that it already exists within you as the perfect and actual reality of your true existence. You need look no further than within your very own heart where the ONE resides to discover this…. just as the Masters taught through their examples. Now, it’s our turn. 🙂

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