Nourish Your Body Part 2 with The Star Elders

In this daily download, Part 2 of the Nourishing Your Body series by The Star Elders of the Council of Human Enlightenment, The Star Elders suggest we begin to understand that food is more than flavors, calories and nutrients ~ that the food we eat also has a bioelectric field that it generates which impacts our bodies as well upon ingestion.

Listen in here:

On Wikipedia, an entry on Bioelectromagnetism, sometimes called bioelectricity, states:

“Biological cells use bioelectricity to store metabolic energy, to do work or trigger internal changes, and to signal one another. Bioelectromagnetism is the electric current produced by action potentials along with the magnetic fields they generate through the phenomenon of electromagnetism.”

The Star Elders suggest we are wise to begin eating simple foods with strong magnetic fields, to support our bodies, as we make our way back towards nature ~ and that we can be gentle with ourselves as we shift from processed foods back to foods which are fresh, raw, organic and directly from our local environment. They feel an understanding of what is happening on the invisible planes with foods will help us begin to make the shift back to a healthier way of life.

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