Money Clearing Statement

Money Clearing Statement

We now collectively clear and delete all causes and effects of thoughts resulting in a fear of being paid, resistance to being paid, and/or being used to not being paid and therefore attracting more of that, and any other pattern caused by or leading to effects of lack of income.

We as collective co-creators of a Divine Life of Plenty and Purpose, welcome, call in and activate True Divine Prosperity Now. We ask the Creator of All Creators, the Source of Us, to abolish and delete ALL Programs of Lack and Limitation from our Conscious, Subconscious, Collective Unconsious, Cells, Bodies, Minds, Chakras, Emotions, ancestral lineages and Vibrational Emanations now, permanently on All levels, in All layers, through All time, space and dimension, with 100% Grace and Mercy.

We take FULL responsibility for our creations, and therefore FULL authorship of our now-future creations. We are At One with our own Cause to these Effects of lack in our lives and now choose to delete both Cause and Effect, choosing instead to receive freely and abundantly for our GIFTS of Spirit and Art! We graciously and gratefully CALL IN and RECEIVE perfect clients, perfect money, perfect wealth, perfect property and perfect prosperity.

We ask any and all patterns of a lack of self worth, fear, resentment, hatred of money, vows of poverty, feeling unloved, acclimation to lack, believing we don’t deserve, and  ANYTHING ELSE including interference or energies projected from others knowingly or unknowingly, that we have picked up on, now be cleared from all levels ALL CLEAR, in depth and permanently.

We accept and align with our Divine Innocence equal to our Divine Responsibility, as co-creators with Life Itself. All this and anything related necessary for complete resolution of this intention, now launched perfectly in the Name of the One, – for the Greatest Excellence and Awesome Goodness for All!!

So be it, and so it is. Done and Done.

xoxo ~Chireya

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