About Love’s Whisperings


Both practical and esoteric, this book dispels illusions of the past while preparing us for a future bolder and grander than we can possibly imagine. This direct spiritual offering is like swimming in a pool of refreshing, pure golden illumination. The books in this series are a road map for recovery from duality and suffering. They are a way back home, for those ready and willing to receive them. This book is a golden elixir of pure divine love and assistance, and a practical manual for personal transformation. This book has come through to aid us in remembering that we are the light, and we are the love that brought us here. This direct spiritual offering is like swimming in a pool of refreshing, pure golden illumination.

What Conversations with God did for an awakening culture, Love’s Whisperings does for the modern spiritual seeker. Love’s Whisperings is the first in a series of revelatory spiritual teachings direct from the heart of God, First Mother & First Father through Chireya and the spiritual masters known as the Star Elders. These teachings are destined to transform the way we feel about ourselves and relate to our world. The books themselves are a road map for recovery from duality and suffering. They are a way back home, an assistance vehicle for those ready and willing to receive them.

Weaving direct downloads with inspired exercises and unique understandings on the components of separation consciousness and how to resolve them, the material also offers profound support for restoring your original, pure vibrational signature, corrects spiritual misperceptions and reveals five spiritual principles by which we can return to Oneness consciousness and joy in daily life.

Authentic aspirants and people seeking more harmony in life will find deep and profound clarity dispelling confusion on the spiritual path. The lightworker and healing practitioner will find great inspiration, insight and practical exercises to more powerfully assist clientele while also receiving a profoundly life affirming and encouraging reflection and confirmation of the truths they have realized on their unique journeys.

Love’s Whisperings brings false religious interpretations and illusionary belief systems from our culture into a fresh, crystal clear focus designed to assist people in direct connection with spiritual realization, enabling them to access their joy and fulfill their personal missions successfully.

With so much confusion, fear and anxiety about the end times, this book creates a space of love in which we can collectively sort false and hindering beliefs from authentic spiritual principles based in a profound connection with God, our Source. Even the deeply religious will find a haven in this eye opening series of revelations. Those who have strayed from a connection with Source because of an intrinsic knowing that many religious beliefs have been based in control and manipulation will discover a renewed understanding of the core spiritual principles and why negativity has reigned in their lives. All readers will be given tools and resources to course-correct and move through the resolution of their karmic patterning with a profound understanding of where we have been, where we are going and who we really are.

“When you say so, the battle is over. You say so by being the love that you are. This love encompasses all, embraces all, forgives all, sees all, knows all and loves all. You ‘be’ this love by simply allowing. Simply allow the love that you are to flow radiantly from within the core of your being to all around you. Say yes to love and love says yes to you. Love will show you how. This is the end of all duality, this is the end of all suffering, and this is the release from all bondage. This sheds new light on the words, ‘love your enemies.’ Why would one love ones enemies unless that love would cause the release from enmity? And so it does, so it will.” ~ Chireya and The Star Elders

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