Living Your Full Potential with the Star Elders

LAURA-ALEX-CIPES-300x225This post is a response from the Star Elders to the question of “How can we live our full potential”? Here’s what they have to say:

We are seeing that humanity at this time is awakening to a new octave of ability to fulfill its true divine potential as instruments of this one life that we all are together. Now each of you as an individuated aspect and attribute of this one life has, shall we say, what you may call specialties or special energies to offer to the whole, you can create anything which you desire and rest in the knowing that in this particular orchestration at this time, things have been carefully planned in advance in terms of your personal desires of how you wish to play in this arena.

That being said, you are always able to tap it to the full and unlimited potential of creating in any way you desire. So as you go forth to birth your mission in this lifetime, know that you have a template of possibility that you have prearranged for yourself and that yet also you have the open door to reconstruct and recalibrate and continue to expand and refine that vision. Now most of you will likely find that, that vision which you set into motion long ago before entering this Earth plane will be the one which will give you the greatest satisfaction and pleasure. However, we want to continue to remind you that you are an absolutely unlimited being and that your creative potential is ever expanding and full of divine possibility. So in knowing that, it may simply take some of the pressure off of you in your mind and in your awareness and in your process of discovering that full potential; that there are no “should’s” or “have to’s” here, there is merely the continual choosing of reaching for that which gives you the greatest joy, the greatest pleasure, and also the greatest ability to be in what you all call, service, in this orchestration of the whole.

Now service is an interesting word. We would not necessarily use this word service, we would more perhaps indicate the idea that all aspects of the whole operate as a team and that each unit, shall we say, each individual has a function in that whole which serves the whole naturally. And it is not like you are doing service and then you are not doing service; your very existence is the service that you offer to the whole. Does this make sense? What we are trying to indicate is that the split human mind tends to try to categorize things and to say “Well here I am being in service and here I am not”. What we are offering at this time is the more aligned perspective that as you tap into your essence, you will begin to contribute daily in ways that are aligned with the offering of this function that you hold which is an energetic offering to the larger whole. No matter what, 24/7 as you say, 365 days a year, this function never goes away. However, what you can do in this Earth plane is dampen the experience of it and dampen the activation of it and your typical daily living and your typical upbringing, and your cultural beliefs have a tendency to, yes, to dampen this full potential that is your birthright and heritage. Now this is why so many of you are feeling bored or tired or not like you are in alignment with this full dusty path and it is not that you only need to create a career that will match this full potential or that you only need to have a hobby that will match this pure potential. What we wish to show with you is that you, as you reside in the essence of your true nature more and more, you will always be offering this service so-called this function; no matter what you’re doing, no matter where you’re going.
We are wanting you to see that there is no separation between your career and your vibrational offering in general. Now yes we understand in the particular life stream that you are living now, you have created an economy which necessitates a job or a career which brings in these dollars which will allow you to flow and participate with resources and exchanges between the other fellow beloveds that are here with you on this planet at this time. And so in this juncture in which we are still working with this money system as it exist, for surely it will change as your consciousness; the consciousness of the whole in this planet is lifted up. In the meantime, what we are saying is simply know that all is well as you begin to stay in the vibration and frequency of your true self; of your true energy. And then as you love and stay in a state of non-judgment, you will be able to begin to attract those people, places, things, resources, which will allow you to step more and more fully into this full potential. This is part one of a three-part series on Living Your Full Potential.  Thank you.

We celebrate your Victory in advance.


~ Chiraya & The Star Elders

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