#1 Bestselling &
Internationally bestselling Author Chireya Fox
Fall In Love with the Beloved Within

“At your finger tips you now have a mighty tool for
self discovery, self realization and self mastery.”

~ Rev. Arlene C. Hylton, Spiritual Teacher, Agape International Spiritual Center

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Fall in Love with the Beloved Within is a healing
transmission of pure unconditional love!”

~ Rhonda Lee, MAEd

Are You the Mini-Me of Source?
  • Rekindle your Creative Prowess as an Extension of the Divine in form.
  • Reclaim your Birthright as an Empowered Co-creator.
  • Realize the Hidden Meanings of Esoteric & Spiritual Secrets.
  • Release the Lies that have held you back.
Chireya brings you these powerful and timely transmissions, as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient Bridge to Spirit and the connectedness of All That Is.
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“Once you realize the vast implications of the power within you, nothing becomes more important than your spiritual growth.”

~ Chireya Fox

Praise for The Book
“CHIREYA ARIGURU DEVI is an ancient evolved Soul who cares for humanity. Her inspired work as a leader of the community, a visionary, a guide and her other roles, make her life a teaching through example. I feel heart wisdom in these words as profound as ancient wisdom, and presented in a way that this wisdom can be used for effective transformation.”
Nandhiji, Author,
Mastery of Consciousness
“As each individual recognizes what has hindered them and uses the simple yet transformative processes in this book, their life is changed for the Greater Good. Chireya’s Life Mission is to support individuals in their healing so they may be a beneficial presence on the planet. As you journey through the writings of Chireya...your value will be evident as you recognize the potentiality within you.”
Rev. Arlene C. Hylton, Spiritual Teacher,
Agape International Ministry
"Fall in Love with the Beloved Within is a healing transmission of pure unconditional love! Chireya Fox, the voice for Source, is a gentle guide that unveils love that flows like a pristine fountain through her words in this blessing of a book. Part prayer, part guide and part love letter, the wisdom presented in FILWTBW is a message to revisit frequently. The masterful teachings in this book will be held close to my heart for all of my days. Brilliant!"
Rhonda Lee, MAEd
Creator of Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge

The time is NOW for you to know yourself as ONE
with the Divine. Spiritual growth is an inside job!
And… you don’t have to do it alone…

Chireya Fox Presents
Fall In Love with the Beloved Within: Source Speaks
#1 Bestseller ~ Metaphysics

“Once you realize the vast implications of the power within you, nothing becomes more important than your spiritual growth.”

~ Chireya Fox

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Attune & Align with the Source Within You

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About The Book
  • Powerful healing exercises
  • Ageless wisdom
  • Insights from the Divine
  • A new classic of among spiritual books
Could it be that the true love we seek has been within us all along? How do we tap into it, bypassing conditioning that has us seeking all we desire outside ourselves?
Discover the spiritual secrets hidden in plain sight that help you know the Source is within you. Spiritual growth is an inside job! The book will guide you to greater depths within.
Develop patience with yourself and others as you learn to ride the waves of spiritual union through deep comprehension, self mastery, and the cultivation of compassion.
Experience & Grow
  • Unlock the Key Codes of Awakening to aspire higher
  • Enjoy Gifts & Bonuses in the book & during the launch
  • Discover the Revelation of the Truth that can set you free

“If you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt you were powerful beyond measure, how would you redesign your world?”

~ Chireya Fox

Chireya’s newest book
will help you to:
  • Let Go of the Past
  • Awaken True Emotional Maturity
  • Get A Glimpse of How the Universe Sees You
  • Learn Advanced Spiritual Healing Techniques that Work
  • Forgive Yourself & Others with Authentic Understanding
  • Comprehend Advanced Spiritual Teachings with Ease
  • Realize the Pure Power of Love to Heal
  • Experience Your Divine Nature
  • Dissolve Guilt & Shame

This spiritual growth book is an interactive guide to a higher awareness and awakening, designed to help you set yourself free of shame, blame, guilt, and fear.

About Chireya Fox

“You cannot see the haters
when you’ve got your love glasses on”

~ Chireya Fox

Author of numerous spiritual books, Chireya is a transformational catalyst for spiritual growth. She serves as a coach, speaker, clairvoyant guide, and spiritual healer, and shares profound Wisdom Teachings which are transmissions from Source – God – Consciousness. These powerful teachings of the Codes of Union remind us of the divinity within us to help us become self realized masters of life. Spiritual development and reality creation are her main points of focus in helping us wake up to our true divine nature.

As we reconnect to the original Divine Source Spark within us, we begin to awaken to vast abilities and natural latent talents that are part of our divine birthright and heritage. I Chireya is in service to rekindling this Divine Spark as we embark further on our journey back to realization of our Oneness, thereby fulfilling the full cycle of learning in these physical planes.

Having experienced profound awakenings at an early age and In love with the Law of Attraction and Divine Principle, Chireya brings profound clarity to our comprehension of the Creative Process. She brings in a higher perspective that takes us all the way back, before the beginning of time. This grand perspective helps us resolve our greatest esoteric perplexities as we usher in a new era of co-creative potential on earth.

Chireya is also the Founder of the Pure Living Expo, New Earth Vision Portal, and Anchor The Dream, and a co-producer of One Love Experience. She leads workshops and gives talks around the world, online and in person. Discover more, contact her and book private sessions at Chireya.com.

Also By Chireya Fox
“Your highest destiny path awaits as you calibrate to the truth of you.”

~ Chireya Fox

These powerful spiritual teachings lift the veil of confusion in an easy to read guide to set yourself free. Spiritual growth does not have to be difficult!

This uplifting book is a transmission from Source Consciousness, God Consciousness, for the purpose of recalibrating your body, mind and spirit to the TRUTH of you.

You are Divine!

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