Inspiration for Reality Mastery

Inspiration for Reality Mastery

I’m inspired today to talk about alignment. And the words that came through as I was standing on a beautiful bridge in Boulder, is that the bridge to Reality Mastery is Alignment.

Those of us who have been playing with and studying law of attraction, “the secret,” reality creation, and comprehending that this is more of an inside game than it usually appears, have been deepening our relationship with this thing we call alignment. When we find it, we discover that more of the things that are desired and wanted, begin to come naturally to us. By nature of the fabric of the universe itself and it’s operating system, which operates on this thing called alignment.

And so Reality Mastery is knowing that you know that as you align, as you attune with the goodness of life, as you attune with the essence of what you are desiring to experience, now you’re going to create a bridge by continuing to raise your vibration higher and higher, and to raise your awareness to the place that says, you are innocent, beautiful and loved. Alignment is also a place of appreciation and gratitude. While there are many nuances of how to get there, the general concept that I’m fascinated by is this bridge called Alignment.

And therefore, I am going to be offering more and more programs, more and more blog posts, anything that I can produce in service to this thing called Alignment, because my desire is to be a connector for whomever is ready for that piece of information, whomever is ready to step up their game of Alignment and benefit from the natural gift of its gorgeous results. My desire is to be a bridge to that and to assist in its forthcoming as more of a template through which human beings remember how to operate. Because this operating system that we have is pretty exhilarating, and it is something we can learn to work with – and see results. We have to give up some of our old beliefs in order to get there. Because if we believe what the world taught us about reality “happening to us” from outside to in, we have to begin to shift or at least press pause on the button that says that is absolutely true, while we experiment and see if we can find out for ourselves what really is true. And so it is in service to this dedication that I am launching this new phase of my work, called Reality Mastery. Feel free to join me in this journey. There will be lots of free content, classes, courses, and sessions and so forth, and I look forward to serving you and our collective of awakening humanity in this way. It is my deep and divine pleasure, my joy, and oh, so much fun!

My first offering in the Reality Mastery suite of creations is the upcoming Dreams To Earth™ Bootcamp, beginning in just two weeks from now.

I look forward to meeting you in the Field of Alignment.

Blessings!! Chireya Laura Fox​

P.S. In light of this, please keep in mind: as we care for ourselves, we care for the world. As we align our thoughts and feelings with the delight of the divine through us, we resonate with the most beautiful outcomes, and experience them with gratitude even before they occur. In this way, we fulfill the promise of the Light. We attune and align ourselves with the will of the Divine, which is for us, our greatest most expanded good.

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