I’ll Meet You In The Unified Field

May we bathe the world and ourselves in love and compassion as we re-member the pre-existant wholeness that we are. ♥ Yes, as we embrace infinite patience for ourselves we can extend it to others 🙂 all is well as we recalibrate into the new, gently easily gracefully harmoniously and in peace, with total liberating all encompassing love ~ loving ourselves even when we are not being patient, allowing love to nestle us through each and every moment of the expansion of our awareness and the shifting of our habits ♥ and so it is!

Let’s extend this love around the world to each and every soul, each and every plant, each and every animal, each and every aspect of nature ~ let’s open our hearts even wider than ever before, knowing that as we allow the isness of what is without judgment, that it can indeed begin to unfold, unfurl and transform itself. Freed of judgment this isness can expand in love, coming out of contraction, and we ourselves will unfold and unfurl as we do so.

For truly this is the time of the grand awakening. We are simply putting ourselves back together – re-membering… Recalibrating… Realigning ourselves ourself with the ever expansive, open field of love & all creative potential that is our true “home.”

“Out there beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing
there’s a field, i will meet you there.”
~ Rumi

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