How Do We Create?

How Do We Create?

You are an interface with the Cosmic Reality. The precision with which you interact with all levels of life is more profound than you can imagine at the moment. This interface exists through what you call your awareness. This awareness is vast, and is as much about what you feel as it is about what you see or sense. What you are aware of is multi-dimensional and holographic. Wherever you place your attention, new light, energy, and information will come to that place. The energy of your consciousness begins to work things out in that area of awareness, if you simply allow it to do so.

When we are experiencing what we call contraction, which is basically trying to fix things with ordinary human thinking, we experience what we call suffering. It “feels” contracted when we try to think our way out of a problem, and worry about the outcome, does it not?

Play a game of lifting off of that worry feeling, into a place above your head where only love prevails. Then, move back into the worry thought. Shift this attention back and forth a few times, to see which one you prefer. As soon as you get used to it “being all right” that the cosmic energies of your love will work things out, you will weary of the worry feelings, and hop off of them.

And the twain shall become one!

When the intention or desire for a situation to be better marries your ability to rest in this Field of Love, manifestations will arise in miraculous ways, or rather, ways that seem miraculous from the ordinary mind. We do not need to know “how” it is happening, but we can begin to feel more and more, that in fact, it IS happening. This is how we create.

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