Hold On For The Light Ride!

Hold On For The Light Ride!

Cosmic Light is penetrating deeply into the subconscious of humanity now. If you have unwanted, uncomfortable or even emotionally excruciating energies come up, love yourself love yourself love yourself. It is simply a cleansing, a washing away of the old. Forgive yourself forgive yourself forgive yourself. Mysteriously, YOU are the Creator of it all, at one with Source, the Source of All Sources. Mercy and Grace shall prevail as we get to the bottom of the barrel, to cleanse the soul of humanity and realize our Oneness with the Divine.

All paths shall be made clear, all wounds shall be healed, all brokenness shall be repaired. This is the promise of the Light Masters. May all beings be healed, may all beings be awakened, May all beings remember their Oneness with Love. Do your best not to project these old feelings surfacing onto others now. Projection will only heighten the suffering.

Take it all back into the Cauldron of Self wherein healing can become complete, once and for all. In this Fire, this Spiritual Fire, we burn away the dross and detritus of ages of unconscious creation. Claim your Innocence, even as you claim your Responsibility! In this way as you realign Wisdom and Discernment with Love and Compassion, the true balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within you emerges as the Alchemical Marriage.

Here, you reclaim All Power, All Authority and All Grace in your life. As this cleansing takes place DEEPLY in you now, you are rooting out old patterns on behalf of all beings. Your subconscious mind and ancestral lineages will be blessed by allowing in this healing Light. Do not fear as the energies work deeper into your being. This is what time it is. All is well, all is as it should be. Mercy and Grace now prevail. You are loved.

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