Guided Meditation Gift #1

Clear Money Wounds in the Chakras

This powerful Guided Meditation is part of my four week Ancestral Money Wounds Clearing Class. To enroll in the full class, click the purple button.

Ancestral Lineage Healing, also known as Ancestral Lineage Clearing as performed by Chireya is a powerful synergistic combination of techniques new and ancient to remove blockages, patterns, energetics, and anything else lodged in the subconscious around how our ancestors behaved. This custom process designed by Chireya involves radical forgiveness, soul clearing, self-clearing tools she will teach you, and advanced Light Work with the rays.

Once there is clear love and light between and among “all parties” in the lineages, seeming miracles of harmony, resolution, peace, and various types of positive redirection of life paths have been achieved. If you feel guided to delve deeper into this powerful spiritual growth and energy clearing work, click the purple button above to set up a time to have a brief chat with Chireya about ongoing classes.

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