Glow with The Flow

Human life as created by the mind is full of rules, shoulds, judgments, have-to’s and tightly knit supposed-to’s. If someone doesn’t “follow the rules” or do as others around them think they should, sometimes the repurcussions are emotionally painful.

The truth about Life, is that it is designed to flow. As we allow the last remnants of overly controlling mindsets to fall away from our mental habits, we will find that it is much easier to access joy, creativity and the feeling of love and being loved.

If you are surrounded by or influenced by people or a person who is very controlling, just take this week to really notice and pay attention to whether or not they are having fun. Chances are, it is a “hard job” they have given themselves, to ensure all around them do and be as they are convinced they should. If this person is you, just notice how much hard work it is to try to maintain that energy field of control. There is no judgment here – just pay attention, and see what you learn by observing those stuck in control dramas. We can cultivate compassion for all, knowing we are winding out of a very long cycle of control, and finding our way gracefully back into “The Divine Flow.”

Notice how much more energy you have, when you allow yourself to bask in the glow of the flow :).

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