Forgiveness Rap :)

Aaaaaahhhhh Forgiveness!! If we are to practice it for real, we are releasing and forgiving all beings for all things in all-ways always 🙂 ♥ wow that’s a biggie. why we do dat??? b/c if we hold onto grudges, resentments, and victimhood, we get to receive the vibrational sling-back of that same boomerang, and Dang, we don’t want that no mo … it’s physics, yo! it’s spiritual science, y’all! what goes around comes around on the Merry Go Round (or the not so merry go round, depending on what ‘went around’ in the first place…) So get out that Cosmic Cookie Cutter and cut away all the thoughts of separateness, humiliation, pain, suffering, victimhood, blame and shame ~ ~ if we continue to blame those who set up the game, we get to keep playin it…. Woohoo!

Time for a New Game in town babies, boys and girls, Gods and Goddesses ~ YOU are it, you are the One, and your Song has just begun…….. 🙂 ♥

Love cups, butter cups, my cup runneth over brother, sistar, divine synergistic flow orchestrations on behalf of revelations ~ our Cosmic Consciousness blesses us with remembrance ~ of the One Dance ~ flow-ers flowering into the immaculate be-coming with everpresent knowing lifting us back and back into our eternal Nature ~ Everpresent Origins singing our song ~ The Uni-Verse ~

(“All One God Soap” ~ Dr. Bronner)

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