Float In The Waters of Divine Mother

"Birth" by Laura Chiraya Fox

So how is everyone feeling? It is quite the Moment is it not? We are preparing the portalway-gateway of our very own Knowing such that we will Align Our Light with the Light of the Creator. Many masks are being slowly drawn aside, revealing the FACE of our One True Self. 🙂 ♥ It is a time or reckoning as well as a time of re-membering ~ putting ourselves back together again, as a Team of Light ~ defragging consciousness such that we see the clear true aligned pattern in ‘more of’ it’s fullness… unmuddied by the fragmentation of our very own imagination. Unfettered now and soon, we will begin to sail in uncharted waters, the waters of our very own inner essence. Imagine yourselves, at this time, as babes held by the Mother in warm, fresh, newly drawn bathwaters of pure divine love. As you imagine floating in this warmth, feel the nurturing energies of the Divine Feminine restoring you, clarifying you, healing you, resurrecting you ~ as it were. If tears come, let them come. Whatever it is that arises of emotion, let it come and empty out into the Eternal Sea of the Love of the Divine Mother. She is with you now, in full force ~ the Matron of the Matrix of Love revivified, revitalized, and Returned to Recalibrate and Reclaim Her Children as One. And so it is 🙂 ♥ In pure divine love ~ ♥ Chiraya ♥ ~

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