Energetic Activism

The Star Elders of the Council of Human Enlightenment address a question by one of our subscribers, who is concerned about how to take action that “actually” helps in light of dangerous protocols by uncaring companies.

Energetic Activism is the phrase we have coined to indicate that we are vibrational beings and as such, can perform activism on an energetic level first, to have a greater footing in the manifesting and “landing” of the new harmonious realities we desire.

Gathering together with a “like mind” of positive vibrations and new visions is the way that is indicated ~ “where two or more are gathered” ~ we shall be able to move the mountains of our past miscreations. Yes it is we who must take responsibility for all that is in our sphere of influence – yet we must learn to refrain from being in judgment of ourselves or others, because as we do so, it is going to dampen our vibration and hamper our own ability to have positive energetic influence on the direction the tides are flowing. Does this make sense? In other words, what is the action that can be taken, which will “actually help” instead of further digging ourselves into the ditch of low frequency miscreation?

The Star Elders have a suggestion in this audio. Listen in at the link above.

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