Focus: Alignment for Manifestation

11am PT • 12pm MT • 1pm CT • 2pm ET

Which of the 5 Ordeals are you ready to overcome? Chireya will share the 5 Ordeals and hear from the group how those are affecting your lives or your projects. Solutions and insights will be shared live to help you show up and shine. We will focus on the power of Alignment to manifest our dreams. Bring your questions about any aspect of your project, service, or business in which you’re ready to positively transform.

Chireya's intensive and thorough spiritual-energetic detective work and clearings rocked my world with major manifestations that led to challenging breakthroughs I had been working towards, including a $20k boon to remodel my home and create the Temple on Pleasant Hill, new and fresh energies opening in a stagnant living situation, and a brilliant doorway that led to the manifestation of a long held vision. I am so thrilled with how the energies have been flowing and I sincerely recommend her work if you have stuck places in life that you haven't been able to move through to completion.
Debra Giusti
Founder, Transformation Into the New Paradigm
For most of my life I struggled with what I want to do. Going from job to job, unstable income, even achieving a wonderful long list of accolades like documentary film maker and raw food chef...yet never really feeling satisfied or fulfilled. SO!... you can imagine my surprise when the work I did with Chireya suddenly granted me access to my life’s purpose. Within weeks I was on a clear path to my life's ultimate purpose. It's almost as though she pulled it in right from the sky. I can honestly say that I have never been more fulfilled in my career in real estate and airbnb consulting. I have never been more satisfied knowing that "this is IT" and that this is what I'm here to do! Woohoo!
Rachel Prince
I would recommend Chireya to visionaries who are ready to truly align with their mission on the planet and step up to their full potential. Chireya assisted me with her laser sharp focus. Chireya’s work has been a great blessing to me in the times when I really needed to dig deep and get to the bottom of things.
Petra Schuler

In this Master Class, you’ll:

  • Discover which of the 5 Ordeals have been holding you back
  • Get a strong strategic and intuitive sense of your next best step
  • Receive insight related to your project
  • See yourself and your life from the highest perspective
  • Recharge your inspiration to bring your dreams to earth!

Chireya Fox is a Master Facilitator, Coach, Executive Producer, and #1 Bestselling Author. Her dedication to planetary change has taken many forms over the years, from coaching visionary entrepreneurs, to producing events large and small, to hosting and creating online summits, to creating visionary “leave-an-ecovillage” event tamplates and “unified field living” curriculum, to birthing proprietary Energetic Activism & Visionary Stewardship workshops such as Anchor The Dream™ and The Reality Creation Playshop™, to authoring transformational spiritual books, and assisting groups and individuals as a visionary muse, seer & energy healer. Her creations include the Pure Living Expo, New Earth Vision Portal, and Dreams To Earth™ Podcast and Bootcamp. As a coach and advisor, she has been assisting visionary leaders and heart centered entrepreneurs to grow and expand their visions for over a decade. Her books include Unlocked & Unleashed: The God Within You, the #1 Bestselling Fall In Love with the Beloved Within: Source Speaks, Love’s Whisperings, and The Ego: A Mystical Adventure. They can be found at

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