Divine Sacred Union

The Divine Union of Man and Woman in the earth plane signifies a potentiality of “return” that surpasses what the individual can do alone. As the blending of the sacred divine feminine and masculine one-mindenergies occur with high levels of spiritual and emotional maturity, the ripeness for transcendance through embodied immanence allows the dance between formless and form to create wholeness in the partnership as well as in each individual. Remembering always your True Union is reflected in your divine soul mate twin flame earthly marriage, you will be successful in living the ideal. Always be gentle with yourselves and one another – do not worry or stress over the little things; instead, take any upset inside the Cauldron of Self first – then and only then shall you truly honor the True Union ~ This Union IS a Cauldron of Transformation in and of itself; respecting it as such allows the “good work” of the Golden Light to penetrate the deepest parts of the psyche, cells and memory fields ~ thus serving to not only elevate the individual but to also liberate the entire ancestral lineage as the Divinely Aligned Couple fulfills this measure of Grace called “owning one’s own stuff.

Many many blessings upon your Beloved Sacred Union,

~ The Star Elders of the Council of Human Enlightenment with Chiraya

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