Conscious Co-Creation ~ What Does It Look Like? What Does It Feel Like?

On a regular day on planet earth, we typically experience contrast, ie, experiences and things which are not what we would choose if we were the choosers. The truth that is being revealed at this time, is that ultimately, we are the choosers. We just ‘forgot’ and were not trained this is so.

However, nevertheless, to begin to wind our way out of the conundrums of consciousness into which we’ve gotten ourselves, we can leverage the law behind all things ~ it will take a little doing however, there is no mightier work than us collectively deciding we are going to recreate our worldlyexperiences in our own image of harmony and joy. So when confronted with contrast, we can ask, “what kind of experience do we want to create instead?

What does it look and feel like when corporations are aligned with human health and ecological well-being 100%? What does it feel like when we always know we can trust the sources of food and it’s all grown organically?

What does it feel like when all beings are safe, fed, happy and well, and we are co-creating prosperity based on natural ecology?

What does it feel like when war is a distant memory? What does it feel like when our leaders are world service? Let’s spend at least as much and hopefully, more time, imagining and feeling these things… This sets the template for us to co-create it 🙂 ♥ then the inspired actions flow to make it so. This is how we work as vibrational beings. It means embracing responsibility for ourselves and forgiving all others… Will it take a little effort? Yes. Will it be worth it? Yes. 🙂 ♥ Great compassion is warranted, for ourselves and all others, as we unwind from the effects of unconscious creations and co-creations 🙂 if it is true that our thoughts, feelings, words and that which we see and hold in our minds eyes acts as a magnetic vibrational boomerang, then studying this and applying what we learn step by step seems to me to be the single most important first step in turning things around in our world. We can begin, through ‘understanding’ to realize why ‘things are the way they are…’ We are at the same time 100% innocent and 100% responsible…

We can, each and together, learn how to become ‘even more aware’ of the actual effects of our thoughts, words, actions and imaginings on a daily basis… And in that light, begin to diligently and gracefully rest in the “field of all creative potential’ with the openhearted, non-resistant alignment that will allow us to become conscious manifestors of our realities… If we judge ourselves or others for the results of past actions, this only digs us deeper into the vibrational hole. If we release judgment while leveraging the power of true discernment, we will become very selective of where we put our attention, where our words go, where our imagination goes ~ and each and every one of us can benefit from an upgrade in our awareness of what we are doing with our attention, thoughts, words and actions… 🙂 ♥ Shall we take it to the next level?

What happens when we come together with this next level of awareness to focus upon that which we wish to usher in for our beautiful planet? This is my point of highest curiousity and excitement and enthusiasm – to hold space for this to occur through things like anchor the dream and other collaborative events- and to experience what it feels like when we awaken as one to dream a new dream together into our living experience 🙂 ♥ i stand for this and i am at your service 100% in our collective steps towards mastery. 🙂

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