Awareness: Key To Self Mastery

Your awareness is the key to your enlightenment and mastery. Becoming aware of what you are actually thinking and thus, emitting vibrationally moment to moment will unlock the door of your comprehension of how you are attracting everything into your life. Before this awareness dawns, there is a sense of confusion around ‘why things happen to me.’ Once the comprehension of the ‘base software platform of reality’ sinks in, we can get up on the horse of our own inner power and take the reigns, guiding that horse and our life, in the directions of our choosing. Until then it is as if we are being dragged behind the horse ~ yet we don’t know it. Getting up on the horse and taking the reigns consciously is way more fun 😉 ♥


Become a vibrational detective. You are both the client, and the observee. You are leveraging your detective powers to realize the exact nature, quality and vibrational signature of your very own thoughts. These thoughts lead to feelings which emanate vibrations which attract things to your life. Get yourself a notebook that is for the express purpose of jotting down any random, unintentional thoughts and resultant feelings that you ‘catch’ yourself at. Do this for one whole day, or several days in a row. Compare the entries. Do you see any themes in your habitual, random thinking? If you were to rate each thought entry as anywhere from 1-10 on the vibrational scale, with 1 being a thought you’d rather not experience, and 10 being something you definitely want to draw into your life, what would the results be? Add them up and average them. What is your average vibrational range with your random thoughts? You are the chooser, so you can begin now, as you are catching yourself, to shift your thoughts into more desired territory.

With diligence, your thoughts will begin realigning themselves more towards the fullness of your desires, and away from the random, other-than-desired thought forms. Your manifest experience will eventually catch up with the vibrations of this new way of thinking. In the meantime, be patient and loving as former thoughts and resultant experiences play themselves out. Unconditionally love and forgive everyone involved for everything whatsoever. In this way, the balance will tip and you will begin to achieve greater and greater self mastery.

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