Life Architecture Coaching is a 3 ~ 6 month Transformational Energy Process including visioning the new, clearing out the old and preparing for change so you can bring your full self to play here in this amazing container called Planet Earth.

The Life Architecture Coaching Packages include weekly skype or phone sessions, regular email correspondence, emergency sessions when required, membership in my unique and exclusive “100% Club” including my all new, truly potent “100% Crystal Clarity Life Design System,” plus accountability structures and relevant, user friendly, forward moving “homework” unique to each client. You as a Spark of Pure Spirit have journeyed far to get here. You now have a time of Divine Grace in which to recalibrate your Total Self to match the original blueprint of your Spirit. Inner Guidance leads you to a place of openness to receive, heal and begin anew. This is a place of reflection, of redesigning your desires into a life of your own choosing, where your greatest gifts can come forth as Pure Presence and an offering of love for a world in need of this love and these gifts.


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