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Digging Deep and Clearing the Way:
Moving Beyond the Outworn Energetics Resulting from the
Collapse of the Atlantean Wealth Matrix, Planet Earth


  • A Prayer & Clearing Statement for Healing of Deep Planetary and Individual Financial and Resource Wounds
  • A Declaration for the Restoration of Our Birthright of True Divine Prosperity

By Chireya Fox with inspiration from Rachel Prince
Based on a vision and transmission received by Chireya Fox

To participate in these clearings, declarations, intents, & prayers, simply find your alignment with the Source Within You, and say YES to these statements, declarations, prayers, and intentions. State them out loud and in your own words as you prefer.

In all parts of this material, insert whatever name for God, Love, Light, or Source you prefer. We are simply indicating that we are calling on the ORIGINAL PRIME CREATOR, to help us stay in total alignment and integrity.

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For an audio mp3 of this document, click here.

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We call upon the Source of All Sources, the Creator of All Creators, the Being of All Beings, the Light of All Lights, the Love of All Loves, the Presence of All Presences — the Prime Creator of the Original Source Harmonic Universe.

Creator, please help me, my ancestral lineage, and all of Humanity to return to Alignment with your Wholeness, your Oneness, your Eternal Love, which is LIGHT. Thank you for allowing us to keep our eyes single unto the Light that our entire bodies may be filled with this loving Light.

Thank you for helping us in our Ascension Process, that we may Aspire Higher, and Shine Brighter, than ever before. Thank you for liberating all of humanity once and for all.

Release us and our ancestors from the bonds of suffering from the past, and teach us once again the Truth of our Oneness with You. Creator, if we are One with You, we must rightly be endowed with your qualities. Remind us and teach us how we create and co-create like you, with our thoughts which create images in our minds eyes, and send forth vibrations which lead to actions, boomeranging back like-experiences into our daily lives.

Creator, we are reminded of a time in the path known as the collapse of the wealth matrix here on planet earth. We were so frightened, sickened, and horrified by the invasion following a large explosion that we promised to never participate in their systems, which are now the monetary and resource systems of this planet.


Prime Creator, in our greater maturity, we now realize that to hold anger, resentment, hatred, trauma, or to push against these experiences and the patterns that they birthed in any way, will only be to further engrain them into our subconscious mind.

Therefore, we stand at the ready to dissolve the patterns, while integrating the learning, and stepping forth into our true stewardship of the planet from a harmonic energetic and spiritual perspective once again.

We wish to dissolve these old patterns and step into true wealth and wisdom to steward resources in the current money system in positive, loving, harmonious ways that are in alignment with our ascension process, our highest good, and the highest good of all. Therefore, we make this Clearing Statement and these Declarations and Prayers in the name of your Love, Light, and Truth, that we may fully step into our missions in service on the planet at this time, restoring harmony and prosperity for all beings.


Creator, help us to stand forth in our Truth, help us to release any resentment, discord, anger, trauma, PTSD symptomology, hatred, fear, guilt, suffering, emotional imbalance and financial loss or self-sabotage caused by our decisions at the time of this great tribulation long ago.

Prime Creator, I am and we are ready to move beyond the eons-old manifestations of what is being called the collapse of the wealth matrix, and the subsequent pact of non-participation in what has become our money economy on the planet.

With your help Creator and the help of the Lineages of Light who serve the awakening and true ascension of humanity, I hereby set myself free from any pact or agreement made by myself or with others that prevents me from participating in the monetary system. I hereby release myself from any pact or agreement made by myself or with others that prohibits me from receiving financial gain as a result of this monetary system. I dissolve also, any attachment to this system and any side effects of it such as greed, arrogance or anger.

I ask the Prime Creator to help me forgive myself for any past timeline experiences of myself or my ancestors in which greed, arrogance, anger, power mongering, control, and manipulation or harm of others was the result. I ask that the accumulated debris and data from these timelines now be dissolved from my mind, body, spirit complex, in all levels, all layers, and through all time, space dimensions, and for my ancestors and relatives, in depth and permanently. I ask for forgiveness in any way that I knowingly or unknowingly participated in these activities, and for that of my ancestors.

I ask the Prime Creator to help me dissolve any and all remnants of thought forms, beliefs, patterns, forces, decisions, spells, hexes energetics, time capsules, implants, devices, gateways, portalways and anything else that has resulted from said pacts and manipulations by myself or anyone else, in any time space, or dimension, in all concepts of time, in all layers, in all levels, in all hidden levels, in depth and permanently, with ease and grace.

I ask the Creator to help me dissolve any life challenges resulting from these things and the compounded momentum of those results, through all time and space, back into the nothingness from which they came.

Prime Creator, we ask for your assistance in truly forgiving any and all beings who have ever had intent to harm and manipulate us. As we forgive, we delete the data from our subconscious mind, and set ourselves free from creating the pattern again. Prime Creator, have mercy on all beings, and give us good common sense to choose positive thought forms and right actions as well as empowered discernment in all our interactions, thoughts, decisions, and life plans moving forward from here.


As we step into this new phase of prosperous co-creation, we declare we are now and always, guided and guarded by love and light in all ways. Prime Creator, please guide and guard our minds, bodies, spirits, and emotions for positive, harmonious thinking, feeling, vibrations, and actions at all times in regards to money, resources, and finances. Help us to be positive, enlightened, inspiring stewards of your divine resources to bring prosperity to all of humanity and restoration of balance to planet earth.

I now choose to receive money, reward and financial gain from the monetary system with perfect flow and ease.  I now choose to use money consciously and intentionally. I now allow money into my life and bank accounts, to help me as required, to fulfill my pure, true divine mission.

We ask that we be protected from attachment, greed, and usery of any kind, and that our hearts stay pure to the essence of the Divine Source Creator and the love of all beings, who by divine right have access to all good things. May all beings on this planet have access to all good things. May we be be a part of the change through these declarations, clearings, prayers, and the perfect fulfillment of our own unique missions.

Prime Creator, we lift up and GIVE YOU this money economy, to redeem and transform it into alignment with your love, light, and harmony. As long as it shall exist, may it from here forward only support positive well-being and harmony on planet earth, until such time as it dissolves back into the nothingness from which it came. We envision a time on this beautiful planet where we may join with our galactic brethren and sistren to overcome the need for such monetary structures. Until such time, guide us and guard us that we may remain in alignment and attune to true divine prosperity that is our birthright and the birthright of all beings. Help us open our minds and our vision to possibilities for life on earth beyond the need for such systems, even while we turn it over to you for your blessing and transformation of the money system in the Name and by the Power of Your Love, Light, and Truth. Thank You God, Thank you Source, Thank You Light, Thank You Love. From You we came, to You we return, and in You we have our life.

Made the floodgates of abundance and prosperity open to us, and may we always remember that Source is Source, and money is a man-made thing, a temporary tool for a temporal existence.

May all of our beautiful money flowing to us assist us in fulfilling our pure, true divine mission from the spark of light of our original essence, which sprang from the Original Prime Creator Source Harmonic Universe.

May we be liberated and financially free. May all beings be liberated and financially free, in perfect timing with divine order for the highest good of all. So be it and so it is.


Prime Creator, Source, Love, we are awakening to the truth of our oneness with you. As such, we have creative capacities that are hidden and revealed to us. Therefore in some way, knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously, by default or deliberately, we have participated in the creation of our own collective and individual life experiences on this planet and beyond.

And now we get to do our own part to transform any discord resulting from these co-creations, from within. Because at some level knowingly or unknowingly we agreed. The agreement might have been through ancestral lineage patterning or past life habits or experiences where a belief in these patterns of suffering got stuck in our system. Some how, some way, our own mind-body-spirit complexes took on these patterns. This does not mean that we are guilty, quite the contrary, we claim our Innocence in You. But now, Creator, we know we are also RESPONSIBLE. We accept this RESPONSIBILITY to change our own minds, hearts, souls, and vibrations. So we also know enough to clean out the closets. With your help Divine Prime Creator, we cast blame aside, and get to work scrubbing the decks of our own subconscious and conscious minds, our cells of our bodies, and all levels and dimensions of our existence.

We now delete and dissolve any remnants of feeling sorry for the people. They too have the capacity to shine in brilliance and overcome these things. Creator, though they might not know it yet, they are sleeping gods, as we have been sleeping Gods. Creator, help us visualize each member of humanity transforming themselves through conscious awareness, and getting the tools they need to do so, all across the world.

Let’s see all of humanity liberated to know the God within them, the Source within. There is no guilt in that. There is no guilt in the truth. The truth is WE ARE LOVE. We are of the Light. “Keep thine eye single unto the light and thy whole body will be filled with light.” THIS is a scientific principle, not a religious doctrine. The truth is love and light. It is the only permanent reality. And it is SO BEAUTIFUL. it trumps all Trumps and everyone else and everything. No suffering can remain, no blame can remain, no judgment can remain in this love. And once we truly tap into it, all suffering is washed from us.

Supporting Materials To These Comprehensions: Unlocked & Unleashed: The God Within You

Thank you for doing your part to dissolve the old pacts and move forward in light, love, and truth.

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