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Chireya is an author, guide and seer whose work assists people in overcoming challenges and awakening to their highest choices in life. When suffering with challenges and difficulties, it is sometimes hard to “see beyond the trenches” into what’s actually transpiring behind the scenes. The insight Chireya provides allows people to dissolve the overlays of consciousness that have been inhibiting well-being, positive relationships and prosperity, so that crystal clarity can emerge. When there is clarity, there is the ability to navigate and find one’s truest expression.

As a spokesperson for the Lineages of Light, Chireya provides transmissions to assist people in shifting into the next level of the game on earth, which we may call the 4d-5d awakening, ascension, or emergence into the golden age.


As a seer, Chireya is able to access information on dynamics affecting relationships and situations for the purpose of harmonizing all of life through the power of unconditional love and divine discernment.

Author of “Unlocked & Unleashed: The God Within You,” “Love’s Whisperings: Authentic Spiritual Development,” and numerous other books in pre-publication, Chireya has over 30 years experience in the study and practice of spiritual and energetic healing and the recalibrations process.

Chireya loves helping people comprehend the basic platform of  “reality,” the nature of The Law behind all existence, and the understanding of how compounded momentum affects our lives. Chireya’s access to divine knowledge and wisdom heals the rift between self and the Divine with seamless orientation to “the truth of us.”

Leveraging this wisdom and ability for corporate clients and visionary leaders, Chireya is able to give accurate guidance to leaders seeking more harmony and more aligned systems in the work place. Her aim is always for the well-being and healing of all involved.

She is also the founder of Pure Living Expo and co-producer of One Love Experience.

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