Reality Alignment

Who are we?

We are extensions of the Prime Creator, Source Energy, having a human experience. We are therefore endowed with all the creative capabilities of Source, including our thoughts, words, actions, feelings and imagination.


What is Reality Alignment?

Our creative abilities exceed imagination. As we focus our thoughts, feelings, and imagination on things we like, we are literally aligning ourselves to a preferred experience of reality. The practice of doing this consciously is called Reality Alignment.


How do we attract
experiences and things?

By allowing our awareness to be guided by our inner self, we overcome our limited perception and become like a magnet to people, places and experiences which we love and prefer.


What is perception?

Perception is the result of our awareness flowing through the lens of our conditioning.


What is awareness?

Awareness is our expansive consciousness waking up in our daily lives, such that we are able to open to new ways of thinking and feeling that serve us.


Where can this be applied?

Reality Alignment can be practiced in any situation and in any circumstance, in any relationship and in any place. The more we practice, the better we become at harnessing our awareness to align ourselves to our most delightful and preferred experiences of reality.


Why is practicing reality
alignment important?

The practice of Reality Alignment is important because without it, we tend to allow our thoughts and feelings to fall into habits of conditioning and belief. When we do this, we seem to become the subject of reality and its ups and downs, instead of the masters of reality who know the results of modulating our vibrations. We can experience relief, freedom, ease, grace, harmony, and love by focusing our awareness on these things, and comprehending our power to attract experience.

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