Clearing Ancestral Money Wounds Free Call Coming Up

Clearing Ancestral Money Wounds Free Call Coming Up

I’m grateful to be a guest on Eram Saeed’s upcoming show, From Heartache To Joy, Tuesday morning, August 22nd. Replays will be available after the live call. We will be doing a very powerful set of clearings using the Celestial Rays and the Ancestral Archetypes. The Celestial Rays are what you might call a “special dispensation” from the Divine to delete the old energetics we’ve been “looping” with as humanity, from past “karmas.”

When we comprehend Law of Attraction and Compounded Momentum, we can see there is detritus and debris in the subconscious race mind of humanity, plugged into our DNA and bodies through our ancestral lineages, that we can disconnect from and resolve, so we no longer have to live those patterns. The “functionality” of passing stuff down is a good one, when the habits and patterns are functional, desired, beautiful, and pleasing.

We’ve had a few situations on the planet, and the time is now to liberate ourselves and our ancestors from these old wounds. We deserve to go free to create our lives anew, and call in the resources to support us in doing so. On the live call, a handful of “first come first served” callers will get to ask questions about their own ancestral money wounds for specific clearings. All the clearings will be useful to all listening either live or in the recordings. Much transmutation will occur for the benefit of people and planet.

Get Access to the live calls HERE

See you on the call!

Lovingly, Chireya

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