A Prayer for This Time of Transition on the Planet

All who wish to join this prayer please do 🙂 ♥

We call upon the Pure Positive Essence of Life Itself, the Primordial Creator, that Being of Life and Light which is our foundation, our rock and our very own true Self. Creator of All Creators, Life of All Lives, Being of All Beings, Presence of All Presences: THANK YOU for helping us at this time of transition on this planet.

HELP US to open our hearts to MORE LOVE than we have ever allowed through. HELP US to be a blessing to all whom we meet, and to forgive everyone for everything that could possibly need to be forgiven.

Creator, we are your humble children, extensions of your Love ~ help us to remember this now, as much as we are able. Help us to Remember and Realize your Law of Life, that Law which is aback all things, which decrees “that which is like unto itself is drawn.” Help us to forgive the past, realizing that all that has been created through our words, deeds, thoughts and feelings – of which we were unaware – is simply playing itself out at this time. Help this realization stir in us, in order to OPEN us to even greater COMPASSION for all beings, all of whom may also have forgotten this, your Great Law …

Creator, help us to UNDERSTAND that our ancestral lineage, past lives and conditioning in this life have all added unto this vibrational reality which we have been experiencing. Now, help us to take up the reigns of our own horse, that power within us that You Creator have endowed us with – such that we become masters of our own vibrational offerings… in due time. Help us to forgive all things and situations that arise that are not of our liking, recognizing them as throwbacks from the former vibrations… help us to now become even more aware of ourselves and our thinking, such that we now offer thoughts and vibrations that are a match to our desires.
Creator, help us to reach this comprehension – understanding – innerstanding which will assist us in making it through these times of transition with as much grace, ease and love as possible. Help us to be a beacon of love and safety and well-being and smoothing out of the energies which are now sorting themselves out – such that our transition is as graceful as possible, into the new frequencies of Light and Love which are upon us.
Creator, for all those who are experiencing distress in any way, please comfort them, assist them, and shine our love upon them such that their burdens are lessened and they are that much more able to open to LOVE and feel the LOVE that You are, the LOVE that We Are together, from within the sacred cauldron of their very own hearts. Thank You God, Thank You Source, Thank You Love, Thank You Light.
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