A Message To Humanity: What If Love Wins?

A Message to Humanity: Fear mongers in all forms attempt to catalyze your precious consciousness in the directions of what you do not desire. Do you know how powerful and important you are? What if you can learn to surf the waves of consciousness and hitch a ride on a Tsunami of Love?

What if every thought, word and deed did matter towards the culmination of harmony on earth? What if we need not wait for the “powers that were” to shake a stick and make things happen? What if it were up to us, and it were totally simple? How would we shift our Attitude to the Heights of Gratitude – and climb to a whole new Altitude of Gratitude for Life and Love? What if even the pains of the past and present and future could help us cultivate this LOVE deeper and further, and what if IT REALLY MATTERED? What if forgiving the control freaks and the unkind and those who have slandered your name, those who didn’t understand your suffering and blamed you wrongly – what if calling for forgivness from all those you’ve hurt and saddened with unconscious actions – what if “giving up the old for the new” and stepping beyond duality’s double doors into the Truth of our Unified Nature – awareness of wholeness and oneness – were the key to peace on earth? What if it’s not about whether the warlords war or the greedy steal? What if it’s about you, and me, forgiving everyone? Unconditional Love – that is, love without conditions… If Love Conquers All, then could it be the solution to our problems, rests squarely within our very own minds hearts and souls? What if Love Wins? And we are the Victors? There are no losers here.

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