A Glimpse of Truth: Overcoming Compounded Momentum

A Glimpse of Truth: Overcoming Compounded Momentum

There is no substitute for the depths of eternal love.  Though we may try, though we have masqueraded to hide the feeling of loss, this eternal love birthing from Source is the Only Drink to quench the endless thirst.

When glimpses of it show up in the 3d reality be happy. Go deeper. Dive in. Feel it all, and know you are on your way home.

For truly the “kingdom-queendom of heaven is within you.” All the ancients and masters have always said, sit still and know that ye are gods. This is not an anecdote, it’s an instruction. To master the wisdom of mentors, we not only listen and remember, we DO what they say. What does it feel like, look like, to DO “going within to seek the Kingdom-Queendom of Heaven?”

You are hard wired to “remember” how to do this. It is your nature. The extra clothing and layers of compounded momentum can sometimes hinder our ability to slow down enough, to become still enough to realize the truth within.

Opportunity knocks! When “compounded momentum” gets out of control, spiraling energies can lead to depression and a feeling of failure or not wanting to be here. As we become Masters of the Law and truly comprehend compounded momentum so we can leverage it, we can truly “enjoy the ride.” heart emoticon The new book Love’s Whisperings: Authentic Spiritual Development helps us understand compounded momentum and also has practical tools for overcoming the overlays of consciousness caused by it. #loveswhisperings #chireya #compoundedmomentum #thetruthofyou #lifearchitecture

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