A Deeper Dive Into Law of Attraction & Understanding Karma

Realizing the implications of things set in motion in past lives is one of the ways to understand the “laws of karma,” which are the same as the “law of attraction.” In addition, this undestanding has to do with ancestral lineage patterning and conditioning in this life, causing us to “offer a vibration” that we are less than fully conscious of, therefore rendering seemingly random experiences — however, the law is the law and it is unchangeable — and our god powers are working through this law 24-7-365. The opportunity for us is to become aware of our thoughts and how we are feeling, on such a level that we are able to begin to shift this frequency output to something that is more… pleasing and desired.

One of the biggest challenges is that, we are not even aware of what we are ‘actually’ thinking… If you spend a little time each day simply watching your thoughts, and consciously choosing a different thought when you notice yourself thinking along lines of things you do not consciously choose, you will begin to unwind this cyclical patterning.

As the results from previous thoughts come tumbling into reality in our experience, we can now graciously say “thank you universe for the return and completion of that energy to me,” and redirect thought/feeling once again to that which we desire instead. Eventually, the balance will be struck and we will begin to experience more of those things we desire and less of those things we unconsciously manifested. 🙂 ♥ And in the meantime, this will breed compassion for ourselves and all living things as we become witness to the cycles of patterning which have been playing themselves out unconsciously… And can begin to step into that mastery which will allow us to co-create our lives and our world anew.


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