Draw Your Bow of Focus

Bow-of-FocusShall we begin?ย  It’s time to take our awareness, discernment and sense of personal co-creative responsibility to the next level! Who are you again?

Aaahhhh it is for you to look within and know this for yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚ How are we to create the transformations we desire? MMMmmmmm it is for us to each pick up the bow of our personal meta-dharma, place in it the arrow of our focus, and aim with all our might to strike the bulls eye of cosmic co-creative prowess! Are we powerful enough? Are we good enough? Are we worthy enough? Are we lovable enough? Why, YES! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Will you let the opportunity that is this Precious Life Time slip by, or will you CHOOSE to Rouse Your Self – yes, your GLORIOUS SELF – the One that is real, you, your True Self! It is a beautiful thing that we are individuated so impeccably – each with unique attributes, essences, insights and genius to add to the Pot of Co-creative Design ๐Ÿ™‚

Do not let a false sense of transcendence trick you into numbness, laziness and laise-faire fairy tales. ACTION is the keynote word of embodied humankind – yet it is action through the heart of deep awareness which will stir the ingredients into the most delicious concoction.

Through your awareness and intention, allow the energies of your own visions to coalesce until you feel them as real, then divine as you are, imagine them fully manifest here and now, then rest in the God Space of your Very Own Heart…. from here dear ones, your knowing will ignite the action sequences in the proper times, space and dimensions…. and it is yours to FOLLOW these inner commands. For it is truly from within the Inner Cauldron of your Own Personal Essence that the Highest and Best Co-creations will emerge.

Always remember this, never forget!

Be ever mindful of the thought energies and templates dancing in your mind-heart. Continually cultivate awareness of What It Is You Are Thinking. Realize the potential of humanity as we come together to co-create based on Wisdom, Love and a great De-Sire for Harmony! Do not think for a second that your particular insight, idea, action, energy is unwanted, unneeded or unimportant!

With so many things at stake on this beautiful planet, it is YOUR divine consciousness which will save the day.

It is YOUR divine action that will help others awaken.

It is YOUR divine love which will stir the hearts of those around you.

It is YOUR divine prowess which will relegate the unwanted negative creations back into the nothingness from which they came.

Shall you awaken and arouse your Own Consciousness now, to take charge of your Own Life and Light, such that it emanates a great spark of awakening into the spheres of life itself?

Or shall you slumber into experiences that are not of your choosing then wonder why they have occurred? The choice is yours, oh dear ones!

Awaken now and rouse yourself! YOU are more than what you have suspected! YOUR LIGHT is more dear than you know! YOUR SPIRIT is more powerful than you can image – to create the change you desire – on YOUR Beautiful Planet.

๐Ÿ™‚ย  With Love and Trust, Chiraya

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