♥ Love Yourself More ♥

What is the most important thing we can do? Open the heart and love, love, love. This is the prime primordial sequence initiator, and everything that ensues is flavored by the higher octave of this outpouring of love straight through your heart. Love everything as it is, for it is only in this love without conditions that things can truly begin to shift, heal and change 🙂 There is only one <3 and you are it. Therefore everything is a reflection of you. As you open your heart to love and let it shine and radiate forth from within the Center of your being, you are doing your part in transmuting the old into the new, and ushering in that age of love long foretold. Love yourself, love everything, no matter what. Love.

♥ Have you given yourself an energetic divine love hug today?

Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself. :) <3 Let yourself know how worthy and innocent you are. <3 Thank yourself for hanging in there and doing such an awesome job being human. <3 Forgive everyone and mostly forgive yourself for everything and anything. The punishment model is so old paradigm. We don’t need to punish ourselves any more, in thought, word or deed. Love yourself. :) <3Love everyone. You are that love ♥ it’s simply time to remember.

Re-Member: put ourselves back together again. Defrag. Allow and Align. Recalibrate into the new. Release and allow, dissolve and discern. All that which speaks of anything other than this Love, is pre illusion. Forgive yourself and all others for having glommed onto illusion. All is well. The shift is now.

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