Accessing The Field of All Creative Potential

The Messages is to Access the Divine Plan from the Heart…. the Resonant Field.

“Out there beyond right doing and wrong doing, there is a Field. I will meet you there.” ~Rumi

To ‘get into the field’ we must be absent of judgment which equals violence. Violence against the self or others in any form is not a match to ‘entrance’ into this Field of All Creative Potential. We will “resist” the energies to the degree there is resistance in the form of judgment/violence in our minds / hearts. This is why it is so important to become Aware of our thoughts ~ what are we actually thinking? This is causing imagery to appear in our minds eye which is causing feelings which is causing vibrations to emanate from us which is causative to the words we speak and actions we take. These all gain momentum as we notice their results, their ‘seeds.’ The seed-results of this momentum spiral back to us and, even if we wish to ‘change’ our thinking, sometimes this feels hard because of this very momentum which is like an etheric propulsion system into more ‘like’ thoughts. This is again why it is important to “become still” and “know” you are ONE with the Creator within the sacred chamber of Your Very Own Heart. In this Stillness, in this Field of Resonance, we can more easily begin to ‘defray’ the thought forms of the past and their ‘results’ from our fields, minds, emotions and bodies… non-judgment of self and others is the key. We can only get to non- judgment when we realize there is nothing to judge ~ in other words, all that has come to us has come from our own vibrational offerings ~ whether or not we have been aware of offering these. Some of them have sprung from ‘coding’ of patterns from our ancestors, our root race, our collective unconscious, our past lives and our conditioning in this life. As we “real-eyes” this and see this clearly, finally, “we can forgive!” We can let go, and release the past – through UNDERSTANDING – not just through faith alone. In this way, we begin to take 100% response-ability for ourselves – unwinding the damage from our own past miscreations bit by bit, step by step… with total self love and unconditional forgiveness of all….. For truly, even as it is so that beings of “service to self” have perpetrated these things of control, manipulation, ignorance and punishment upon us, in the light of Truth we come to recognize that only WE can free ourselves ~ through the practice of Non-judgment and Unconditional Love ~ for our vibrations of ‘on purpose’ thinking and creation are what are ultimately At Cause to what will henceforth be attracted… and if we are going to go into the Unified Field, there are certain old garments and pieces of ‘baggage’ that must be … left at the door… And so we enter into Cosmic Awareness, joining our High Selves, the Ascended Beings and All of Love in this purified, Divine, Everpresent, Eternal Field of All Creative Potential… As we rest in the dynamic, effortless Stillness of this Field, and we ASK – we drop in a quest-ion, we will indeed receive a Sanctioned Answer worthy of our attention, contemplation and action… And in this way, we do indeed unwind the past and begin … to Deliberately Manifest … those pure visions of Love, Harmony, Joy and Peace we all share. 🙂 <3 One Love ~ Chiraya and The Star Elders

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