You Are Here Because You CAN Cross The Bridge To The New Reality

Do you feel the transition we are in? Hang in there… Yes, your core dharma and destiny is a potent part of the planetary shift… feel it, know it, believe it! access granted… to Your True Self and Calling!  The new that is emerging is by nature different than the way we have done things before.

This is why we feel our way, through the gateway of our hearts, into the resonance chambers of the new reality coded deep in our souls. You are experiencing this transition now BECAUSE you are capable of midwifing yourself and the collective into these new ways…

Hang in there! All is well!

Feel it all, love it all, bless it all, release it all. KNOW that all is well.s we love ourselves entirely and completely we open the pathways to universal compassion ~ true compassion ~ that can only be earned and accomplished through experience…

What is it to be human? What is it to love ourselves NO MATTER WHAT? in this way, we become ‘like’ the Creator of All Creators, and can rest our minds and feel our hearts in the Field of All Creative Potential…

From this Place, all problems can be solved, all challenges can be overcome, and all wounds can be healed.

Our bodies definitely will be calling more and more for that cleansing and clearing which will assist people in integrating all the changes…It is good to allow the nutrition to shift into more simple, natural, organic, live foods, gently, gracefully and easefully, and to drink plenty of fresh pure water.
We are all being pinged to escort ourselves out of contraction and into expansion, openness, alignment – those layers of feeling which allow us to know ourselves as the many and the one simultaneously.

Contraction and Openness are two ends of one continuum ~ and we always get to choose. As we choose to open, open, open ~ we feel better… as remant bits of contraction vibrate through and out of us, we simply remember to love ourselves, to forgive all, and to be in total gratitude for the cleansing and healing underway.

Check yourself out! Have you noticed how awesome you are lately? Beyond any form of arrogance or egotism, true self love, respect and honor cultivates the revelation of the Confidence that is our divine birthright.


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