Create Your Reality Audio Script Session


Imagination is the key to aligning with a vibration of total clarity. This tool is in support of your alignment with your chosen timeline and reality creation. Chireya spends quality time deeply hearing what you are creating, and makes you a custom tailored audio script as a tool to support the journey to the fulfillment of your desires. Price includes 30 minute session, instructions sheet, and delivery of your custom audio mp3 file and written audio script.




It works when we work it! Align with your desires to live the life of your dreams! We will discuss what you are creating in great detail, and then, Chireya will create a custom audio mp3 recording from a place of Total Alignment with Source Energy, custom tailored just for you. You then listen to this recording daily, to add ease and grace to the manifestation process. This is a stand-alone session, or can be leveraged in conjunction with any of our other sessions.