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Messages From The Bath

What environment makes it EASY for you to tune in, tap in and turn on? Which special place really flips your switch to the “on” position? What times of day, places, or states of mind do you find yourself in when you are lucidly CLEAR, joyfully ALIGNED, and perfectly FLOWY? How often during your day, do you allow yourself to go there? Is there a way you could create space in your day, to allow yourself into this space of conscious alignment, more frequently? Benefits? Greater clarity in life, more expansive perspective on where you’ve been and where you’re going, and a more complete sense of total well being. Love! Chireya Fox ‪#‎lighttransmissions‬ ‪#‎lifearchitecture‬ ‪#awarenessrules #‎chireya‬


Divine Order Prevails!

One of my favorite sayings from the great Reality Creation Teacher Catherine Ponder is, “Divine Order Prevails In Me and In My World!” When we call upon Divine Order, we unleash the power of love and light within us to do its mighty work on our behalf, rearrange people, places, circumstances and things into the Highest Alignment and Attunement with great benefit for all! We can call upon Divine Order daily and moment to moment, especially in sticky wickets and undesired circumstances. When called upon with diligence, awareness and a true sense of knowing, Divine Order will indeed begin to take hold and prevail in us and in our lives. Love! Chireya Fox #lighttransmissions #lifearchitecture #awarenessrules #chireya


Stepping Into Your Alignment

Each of us has a unique purpose in this lifetime which reflects to our original essence as a Spiritual Being. As “soul” we’ve had many incarnations, through which we built layers of experience, dharma, karma, trauma, skill, preference and so forth. As we calibrate to our most aligned expression in this particular lifetime, there are levels and layers to shed, so we become clear channels of the vibrations which will ultimately be most satisfying to our spiritual nature. Questions to ponder: Are you living your true divine purpose? Does it feel possible to do this while making a living? How committed are you to full alignment on all levels? Does it feel risky to step into your full alignment? What


Awareness Rules: Be A Conscious Manifestor

The energy with which and through which you create something new in your life, is the energy which will reside within the manifestation. No matter what the object of your creational intention is, the same manifestors’ rule of thumb applies. Be sure to get clear on what you desire, from a place of Joy, Peace and Harmony. In that way, your results will also be imprinted with these high vibrations. ‪ Love! Chireya Fox #‎lighttransmissions‬ ‪#‎lifearchitecture‬ ‪#‎chireya‬ ‪#‎awarenessrules‬