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Who Are You?

The light that we are exceeds all expectation from a worldy perspective. As we awaken more and more to the rarefied and refined energies of our natural nature, thoughts that used to seem normal will fade away. Your Light and Your Love have come to this beautiful planet, through your desire to be a part of a Grand Change that illuminates beings and blesses the world! Recalibrating to the Truth of you means allowing the natural shifts occurring to take place freely. Perhaps you have had moments of “enlightenment” lately that are different from how it was in the past? Perhaps it has become harder to “think in the old ways” and you’re wondering if that’s part of the plan


The Teachings: Awareness Training for Spiritual Awakening & Comprehension

This is Life. The Teachings are here. The Time is now. LOOK NO FURTHER TO find the Gateway to the heart of pure love, for it is within you. The Keys in this book will unlock the Codes of Union within that have been lying dormant for eons, as you have cascaded as Soul through many earthly experiences. Now is the time to unlock the codes and enter the gateway. ~ From Fall In Love with the Beloved Within: Source Speaks In a nutshell, the teachings could be summed up as Be In Harmony. 🙂 Another way to say it would be, Live In Joy. Now, how exactly do we do that in the modern world with all its wackiness?


On Your Game?

WHO are you being in this moment? Who is the man or woman behind the curtain? What is the unique JOY beam that YOU ride, when you are “on your game?” Do you realize it helps people, just by YOU being YOU? Can you really feel and accept this??? It’s amazing, powerful, beautiful, courageous and AWESOME of you to BE YOU. In this world. Wherever you’re hiding in there, come on out! The Water’s Fine, and so are YOU. Love! Chireya Fox ‪#‎lighttransmissions‬ ‪#‎chireya‬ ‪#‎awarenessrules‬ ‪#‎lifearchitecture‬


Poised at the Edge of the Possible

You are poised at the edge of the possible. What shall you bring into your life now? Does it feel good? Is it what you want? Is there any slight “1 degree” adjustment you wish to make to your vibrational trajectory? What shall you create? Hmmm… Love! Chireya Fox ‪#‎lighttransmissions‬ ‪#‎chireya‬ ‪#‎lifearchitecture‬ http://chireya.com