Ancient Spiritual Wisdom for the Modern Seeker

Have you been wondering how to make sense of spiritual teachings that seem complex or contradictory? This prodound set of spiritual books will dispel confusion and bring light to your understanding. Comprehension is 50% of the equation. Once you know the principles behind life, you will be able to create new realities from mastery. Your Divine Heritage is acknowledged, spiritual growth is assured, and remembrance is at hand.


“CHIREYA ARIGURU DEVI is an ancient evolved Soul who cares for humanity. Her inspired work as a leader of the community, a visionary, a guide and her other roles, make her life a teaching through example. I feel heart wisdom in these words as profound as ancient wisdom, and presented in a way that this wisdom can be used for effective transformation.”
“As each individual recognizes what has hindered them and uses the simple yet transformative processes in this book, their life is changed for the Greater Good. Chireya’s Life Mission is to support individuals in their healing so they may be a beneficial presence on the planet. As you journey through the writings of Chireya...your value will be evident as you recognize the potentiality within you.”
Rev. Arlene C. Hylton
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